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newbie application

Name: Jacqui
Age: fifteen
Location: manila, philippines
Quirk(s): i spell 'withe' withe an 'e', i still have a 1998 calendar on my wall, i used to eat meals in my bathtub, i can't do that alien thing with your hands, i like lettuce, i collect poker chips
Favorite bands: mae, SoCo, TBS, The Used, Saosin, Billy Talent, Fall Out Boy, Boys Night Out, Northstar, Dashboard Confessional, relient K, thursday, cat stevens, the beatles .. and others
Favorite books: truth or dare, hard love, confessions of georgia nicolson series, zipped, chicken soup for the teenage soul, a walk to remember, what my mother doesn't know
Favorite films: ginger snaps, empire records, the butterfly effect, dirty dancing, almost famous, one hour photo, moulin rouge, Thoroughly Modern Millie and others..
Favorite quote: "if i woke up alone i won't stop till i'll find you and you are with me
cause by now, i know you better than you know yourself and i know what you really need, what you need, or i need, but either way this is where you should be, here with me, or ill bleed so much that you wont believe" - Something Corporate
Any other info: according to some indian lady i met a few years ago, i was a cow in my past life, meaning i am very sacred. i grew up on cat stevens music, Barney the purple dinosaur, and the movie 'Dirty Dancing'.

Pictures: (you need at least 3)

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