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i'm new here


Name: Jason Yim
Age: 17

Location: Fremont, CA

Quirk(s): i don't care about this part. so just give me a 0 if you want =P

Favorite bands: a week in july, afi, ateriavia, all systems go!, autopilot off, beatles, black rebel motorcycle club, black heart procession, brand new, bright eyes, chris isaac, cursive, THE CURE, cymande, denali, dexter danger, fire when ready., fugazi, GNR, HIM, hole, hot hot heat, hummmr, ima robot, INTERPOL, jets to brazil, joy division, ladytron, le tigre, lillingtons, living legends, mars volta, michael jackson, milk, million dead, moby, modest mouse, mogwai, mooney suzuki, motley crue, moving units, mr. dibbs, morrissey, murs, mxpx, nada surf, neil young, new end original, new order, nirvana, no use for a name, op ivy, the pattern, pavement, peaches, pedro the lion, pinback, pink floyd, placebo, plans for revenge, pixies, preston school of industry, pulp, radiohead, ramones, ray barbee, reggie, rialto, richard ashcroft, RICHMOND SLUTS, rick james bitch, robbie williams, rolling stones, romeo void, saves the day, the sea and cake, seafood, sex pistols, sebadoh, SHINOBU, sid vicious, sloan, spoon, stereophonics, steve wynn, stiches, styx, TAKING BACK SUNDAY, thrice, the clash, the doors, the faint, the get up kids, postal service, the program, the smiths, the stills, walkmen, white stripes, the actual, tiara, tom petty, trans am, 238, weezer, YEAH YEAH YEAHS, zombies, zykos. and MANY MANY MORE
Favorite books: revolution on canvas. its a bunch of poetry by different bands
Favorite films: video days, mosaic, yeah right, a lot more. ferris builers day off, mallrats, goonies, cky,cky2k, eternal sunshine, fight club, snatch, jay and silent bob
Favorite quote: "take this knife and twist it in my back!!!"

Any other info: i'm in a 4 piece band called the national pastime. we play indie rock. i like skateboarding. i love art, especially photography and short films. i like writing music. holding hands, kissing, the ladies, taking people out on little dates, skateboarding, tech decks, pink lemonade, ice cubes with holes in them, beanies, people, shinobu, mike, meeting new people, talking, music, cuddling, spooning:), sprite, orgasms, sleep, friends, lighters, socks, boxers, driving, small t-shirts, skater shoes, scarves, film making, black and white pics, people, skate videos, orange soda, sitting, standing, walking, jamming, screaming, shooting guns, writing songs, glasses, drinking, taco bell, mc donalds, shows, conan, sequences, ties, dress shirts, interpol, farting, taking bart, berkely, sf, laying down, bang bus, thrift town, tic tacs, lemonade, cell phones, AIM, internet, 80's, pjs, pj shorts, guitars, tensor, amps, my blanket, my bed, conan, friends, holidays, relationships, crying, homicides, money, stealing, TEX, not waking up, food, cds, dvds, tabs, myspace, stileproject, ebaumsworld, tats, piercings, axe, winamp, altoids, keychains, picks, jump houses, cutting class, blue jeans, making weird noises, transworld, thrasher, S, hustlin' at the pool hall, rainy days, warm days, air guitar, jamming at tony's with the band, hugs, emeryville, rasputin, vegetarian food, mix's, green tea iceream, smiling, looking at cute people, pinching peoples cheeks, randomness, ids

Pictures: (you need at least 3)

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