f (geekr0ck) wrote in quirki_ndies,

Name: freya
Age: eighteen
Location: surrey, uk
Quirk(s): i can eat marmite with anything. i can sometimes blow smoke rings. my friend max once told me that the government could possibly be tracking me through my mobile phone, & i stopped using it for about a month. i have a big mouth [i'm sure this is quirky]. i sometimes watch 'neighbours' twice a day [if i can]. i can successfully manage to dance well to 'disturbed' [shuttup, its what ive been told]. i spent 9 hours last tuesday watching monty python films. i used to hop on one leg & flap my arms like a bird to impress boys [this is circa 1989]. i think i've just portrayed myself as a mentalist rather than quirky.
Favorite bands: glassjaw, modest mouse, deftones, grade. i think i get a 'no' automatically if i say i kinda enjoy the guy from maroon5's voice.
Favorite books: catcher in the rye. the only book i can read over & over.
Favorite films: american history x; fight club; nightmare before christmas; life of david gale;
Favorite quote: "but i know were just as cool & cool kids they belong together"

Any other info: i'm sad enough to have made a neighbours community. i'm not sure if i'm allowed to plug it [[Unknown LJ tag] plugplugplug]. sorry.
& hello kate!

Pictures: (you need at least 3)
apologies for general pixellated-ness.

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