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are you quirky enough?

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Welcome to quirki_ndies!

We are a rating community based on a 7 point system consisting of 3 categories, which go as follows:

1) Quirk(s): This is the main category you will be judged on. A quirk (or quirks) are just something really interesting about yourself that makes you worthy of recognition--talents, accomplishments, weird things you can do--anything that is YOU. Quirks CANNOT be "quirky by association". In other words, you are NOT quirky if you know someone cool, etc.
Quirks are worth 3 points.

2) Personality/Tastes: Alright, we all know that any good rating community judges a great deal on people's personalities and the types of music/books/movies they are into. Basically if you don't stand out and aren't into any really meaningful culture, you don't get the points.
Personality/Tastes are worth 2 points.

3) Pictures: Of course. No rating community would be complete without the pictures section. Basically, if we think you're hot and/or cute/attractive etc, you get the points. If you're ugly, you don't get points.
Pictures are worth 2 points.


1) You need at least 5 points to earn a yes. So, if you get the full 3 points on your quirk(s), and the full 2 points on Personality/Tastes or Pictures, you do not need the other 2 points from whichever category is left. All voters must include a breakdown of what points the person scored and where they scored them.

2) You need at least a 3/4 majority voting "yes" to be accepted. This means that (unless you are one of the first few people to apply), you need at least 4 people to vote on you total, and 3 of those votes must be "yes".

3) You have 2 weeks to be accepted. If after 2 weeks of your original post you do not have a 3/4 majority of yes's, you will be denied. If after 2 weeks of your original post you do not have at least 4 votes total, you will be allowed to re-apply. Re-application rights are only valid ONCE. If you get denied more than once you are not allowed to re-apply. If you try to re-apply more than once, you are BANNED from the community.

4) Members: You MUST vote on as many entries as you can. If we see that you have not voted for over 3 weeks, you will be asked to leave. You may re-apply, but if you are inactive in voting for another 3 weeks, you will be BANNED from the community and will not be able to re-apply.

5) Only accepted members are allowed to commment and vote. This means also that you may NOT reply to comments you receive on your application post. If you do comment or vote before being accepted you will be banned from the community with no chance to re-apply.

6) PLEASE POST ALL APPLICATIONS BEHIND AN LJ-CUT. If you do not know how to make an LJ cut, please visit the FAQ

7) Once accepted, post whatever the hell you want.


Favorite bands:
Favorite books:
Favorite films:
Favorite quote:

Any other info:

Pictures: (you need at least 3)



(note: if you received an "accepted" or a "rejected" picture comment on your application and do not see your name, please email celebritylovesick@yahoo.com)

Love, your mods: