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Name: Adam
: 15
: Hanover, PA
: I wear girls pants (size 3 or 5 mainly), I love Hot Kiss pants, I can't go a week without getting 2-4 nosebleeds, I am really sensitive, I cry, I go through 3 gallons of green tea a week, I am obsessive compulsive, I love Tinkerbell, I can make up pretty cool little quotes I think, I work at Subway(?), a lot of people think I'm gay, but I'm really not. And finally: half of my life has been spent at the mall (seriously)
Favorite bands: Matchbook Romance, Hidden In Plain View, From Autumn To Ashes, The Boils, Avoid One Thing, the Arsons, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, JamisonParker, The Bouncing Souls, One Man Army, the Weakerthans, Something Corporate, Early November; bands like that.
Favorite books: To Kill a Mockingbird, Nothing Feels Good: Good: Teenagers, Punk Rock, and Emo, Requiem for a Dream
Favorite films: Breakfast Club, Peter Pan, the Lion King, Serendipity
Favorite quote: "Open your eyes and see how fucking beautiful you are"
Any other info: I don't really think I have a good shot of getting into this community.. but maybe I do? If you have any other questions don't be afraid to ask. I think I look like I'm 13 or 14.
Pictures: (you need at least 3)

my hair is short. ^^^ :(


That's me, Adam.

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Quirks-2 pts (i love green tea and the girls pants thing is hot)
Personality/Tastes-1.5 pts
Pictures-2 pts (i think you're really cute)
Total-5.5 pts'
Ah, I have to vote on a guy. Well the girls' pants thing is all right, 'cause I'm a size two and I love nothing more than a nice pair of size two ladies' Gap bootcuts. Your bands are all right. Not bad at all, but I haven't been listening to much of that stuff lately.

Green tea is good. And being obsessive compulsive is commonplace for me. Hold it down for the OCD! Haha. Veggie subs from Subway are the greatest, and I have a friend Adam who works at a Subway.

I ain't no GAAAAY FAAAAAAAAAG either, but you're a handsome kid. And in the third pic from the bottom, it looks like you have a nice kit. Good clothes, you know? I like those two-toned Cons, and Macbeth shoes are hip.

sure thing.

vote and promote, babe.