some things cant be photographed. (anotherdumbname) wrote in quirki_ndies,
some things cant be photographed.

Name: Carlie.
Age: eighteen.
Location: Meridian, Mississippi.
Quirk(s): i drink at least two gallons of water a day. i do not eat meat, but i do not consider myself a vegetarian. im very afraid of rabbits. i go through phases and all i eat is chocolate and cheese.
Favorite bands: alk3, pretty girls make graves, hey mercedes, death cab for cutie, wretched flamingo, rookie of the year, gainer, etc.
Favorite books: fat chance, a child called it... i cant really think of any in particular, but i love diary type books.
Favorite films: big fish, ghost world, virgin suicides, casper cartoons, edward scissor hands, etc.
Favorite quote: "toot toot! next stop my thighs!" ...its off of family guy.

Any other info: i have horrible luck with cars. i have been stuck on the side of the road over twenty times. and yet i still have no cell phone. goes to show one can live with out a cell phone. :-D


((i hope i was allowed to go back and edit this. i think the one with me in the jacket should be a little bigger now.))

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Quirks- 1.5pts
Personality/Traits- 1.5pts
Pictures- 2pts (I can't see the last 2 very well but I like the first one so much that you get the full 2 points.)
Total- 5pts
Oh man, you're my favorite thus far.

1. I live in MS too.
2. I'm also not big on meat, but I don't consider myself a vegetarian. Mostly because if I claim veg, and at some point I crave a chicken sandwich, I'll have to deal with being a hypocrite, you know?
3. You're pretty.
4. Good books. Good bands.
5. You're pretty, you're cool, and you're from MS.

I have a cell phone but I usually just forget to bring it with me.

i say no. you're already in though, so its cool.

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