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Location:redneck riviera, flora-bama
Quirk(s):I taught myself pinhole photography; made a camera from a pringles can, bought some developer and started taking pictures. I have a strange obsession with the mysterious mustache man otherwise known as chuck (if you don't know, he's on all the incubus cds). I made a belt out of pogs. yes pogs. My favorite jewlery is this bracelet and ring made out of spoons; I never take them off. I'm the only person I know with windows 95. I painted my bedroom lime green and I have circle mirrors all over my walls in crop circle designs.
Favorite bands:incubus, mars volta, the darkness, the vines, ben folds, postal service, white stripes, azure ray, collective soul, something corporate, lostprophets
Favorite books:Burger Wuss and Feed by M.T. Anderson, and Slam (a collection of poems written and performed by teens)
Favorite films:the princess bride (I can quote the whole movie, no joke), donnie darko (typical), finding nemo, rain man, hmmm... big fish was good...dead poets society..there's more, I'm just brain dead at the moment
Favorite quote:And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. -Friedrich Nietzsche

Any other info:Instead of calling them bow ties, I call them "neck bats" ^.^

trouble in 421
oh how I loathe pictures
my favorite socks!
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