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collapsible chair


Name: Brittany Reynolds.
Age: 15 (almost 16)
Location: Canada
Quirk(s): I have about 15 offline journals I write in, and 3 online. I have to cut my nails twice a week. I absolutely love to clean and do my laundry. I love the smell of Tide so much I will sniff strange people who smell like it. When I am on swings I feel more free than ever. I wear all black except for my shoes and occasionally my tide t-shirt --and not because I like the shade a lot of because I am gothic. Walking on grass makes me feel drugged when I am alone. My watch has little red riding hood on it. I like to sit on bridges.
Favorite bands: Tool, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Taking Back sunday, Brandnew, Shadows fall, Danny Elfman's music, Michael Jackson, The Smiths,
Favorite books: A child called it, The lost boy, A man name dave, Go ask Alice, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
Favorite films: Edward Scissorhands, american beauty, benny and joon, whats eating gilbert grape,
Favorite quote: Changes from day to day but: "So honestly, how could you say those things. When you know very well that I can't keep my hands to myself"

Any other info: I am making jello right now, well it is setting.

Pictures: (you need at least 3):

My kitten Miroslav. (no one says the pictures must be of she is so cute)

My socks are dead.

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